Mobile Island

Mobile Island was a unique intelligent robot created in a microprocessor-based system design project in summer 2008. It got the name - "Mobile Island" as its shape resembles a Pacific island having three coconut trees. For more details about Mobile Island, please click here.

Created by our three-student team, Mobile Island possessed the unique characteristic of approaching the source of a sound. As a result of our achievement, we were invited to participate in a university exhibition. I will never forget the summer when we spent 16 hours a day in the ECE lab to design, build and test our robots, which was completely soldered from basic electronic components and integrated circuit chips. It was only after overcoming a variety of difficulties involving in voice source detection, keypad PS2 protocol and ultrasound signal process, that we successfully demonstrated our robot to our school and the public. We produced a paper that described our work. The success and fun I got from this research project deepened my understanding of embedded system design.

  • Zhen Wang*, Shucheng Zhu*, Wei Zhuo*, Linzhong Zhu, "An Intelligent Robot Based on Voice Source Localization and Ultrasound Distance Detection", Techniques of Automation and Application, November 2008. (PDF) (*Equal contribution)

Group Photo and Mobile Island:

Wei Zhuo, Shucheng Zhu, Zhen WANG

Here is a demo vedio about how Mobile Island works:

This microprocessor-based system design project is actually a course project for ELEC254 - Microprocessor Experiment. ELEC254 is unique and it covers the integration of software and hardware in Intel x86 family microprocessor and 8051 microcontrollor based systems. It focuses on laboratory experiments which address different aspects of software/hardware input/output interfacing, and a course project which result in design, implementation and test of a significant microprocessor-controlled device. Our project got the highest mark in the course. The course website can be accessed here:

The website for Mobile Island is here.

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