Final Year Thesis

Final Year Thesis (FYT) project, which lasts for one year, is an undergraduate research project for student candidates of the Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering (Honors Research Option) in HKUST. My project topic was "Design of Multiuser Non-Cooperative Communication Systems via Game Theory". Prof. Daniel P. Palomar was my supervisor.

In this project, multiuser communication system is modeled as a strategic non-cooperative power competing game. Distributed algorithms can be applied to find the solution. My goal was to find alternative distributed algorithms along with the mathematical proof of their convergences. Through extensive reading, I had kept abreast with the latest algorithms for SISO and MIMO systems having perfect channel status information (CSI), e.g. water-filling based algorithms for Gauss-Seidel, Jacobi or totally asynchronous schemes. I thought distributed algorithms for imperfect CSI system and partially-asynchronous-scheme-based algorithms can be possible extensions.

Project files can be accessed through following links:

FYT progress report (Dec. 21) was also the project report for ELEC547 - Convex Optimization . I chose part of my FYT topic to do the course project, i.e. the investigation of the existence and uniqueness of the Nash Equilibrium for the power competing game.